Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Introduction to my stash and kiddos.

I thought I would let you get a look at my stash and what it consists of today. I say "today" because it is ever changing... I like to try different types of diapers all the time and as of right now it seems I'm really liking flats and fitteds. Flats because I am going to be doing the "Flats Challange" that Kim Rosas from Dirty Diaper Laundry has created. It can be found here Take the Flats and Handwashing Challenge. I have found that flats are really amazing! They are easy to use, they don't hold onto stinks like microfiber does, they dry quickly and they are one of the cheapest ways to go when it comes to cloth diapering. I can honestly say I will always be using flats from here on out. I use fitteds for night time, nap time, and whenever we go somewhere and we know we'll be gone for a while. Fitteds are great for holding in the poo and they are really absorbant. I add a doubler and a fleece liner for night time. SO! Here is a look at the "current stash".

  • From the top: "Daddy diapers" are in the white wicker basket and diaper creams, snappis, and other tools of the trade are in the pink tin basket
  • Second shelf from the left: First basket are my fitteds (mostly Goodmamas). In the middle are a few receiving blankets that I use as flats. And the basket on the end are the rest of my flats/receiving blankets.
  • Bottom shelf: The blue basket has covers and wet bags in it and the other basket has doublers and fleece liners in it.

You can also see the covers that are drying and waiting to be used are hanging from the railing on the changing table as well as one of the wet bags. I never change my kids on the changing table anymore simply because they are too big for it now. lol I keep my changing table in the dinning room since our kids rooms are down stairs and let's face it... who really wants to carry their kids up and down the stairs like 10 million times a day. I always just change them in the living room on the floor or on the couch. Works perfect for us! I also keep our cloth wipes in the kitchen so I can just wet them in there and sometimes I will use them to dry stuff off in the kitchen as well.

Now for a cute pic of my babies, Nathan and Camryn. The sweetest, cutest, messiest kids you'll ever meet.

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