Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 7: Almost complete!

I can't believe we're almost done with the flats and handwashing challenge. In a way I'm kind of sad because it was fun to read everyone's blogs and it was nice talking with everyone on Twitter and Facebook. I'm really excited though to start using my washer and dryer again! I've missed them so much! But since we've had a lot of sun lately I will be using my washer more often than my dryer that's for sure! I'm sure I will have two more loads to do today. I'm about to go do my morning load after I post this, and then I should do one more before bedtime. I didn't think I would make it through the week though. I for sure thought I was going to give up that first day since it was hell trying to get the diapers clean. I'm so glad I stuck to it though, I feel so accomplished.

We also have to keep in mind with this whole challenge was about. If there are people out there struggling and wondering how they can make ends meet I would HOPE they would come across any of the blogs posted for this challenge and see that it is totally possible. I honestly think the best part about CDing is the cloth diaper community it's self. It seems like whenever some one has a problem or feel like they need extra input, the fellow CDers are always willing to help! It's so nice to know we can turn to some one when we are in need. If it were problems with disposables we'd have to turn to the manufactures, and we all know how THAT turns out. *rolls eyes* I now know that this is something that is totally do-able and if I ever was in the position that I needed to do this, I would already know how and I would be totally willing to do it for my babies. No doubt in my mind! It broke my heart hearing the stories of parents leaving their babies in disposable diapers for too long or even letting the disposables air dry after each use just to use them again! I'm sure they meant well, but were not educated enough to realize that it is not healthy and there are other ways to diaper your baby with out putting them in danger of getting sick or worse! This challenge was very humbling, and I feel very blessed to have the things that we have.

Well, I'm off to wash a load of diapers!

That's all for today my fellow fluffy friends!

For more information and rules on the Flats and Handwashing Challenge visit Dirty Diaper Laundry.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 5 & 6: Flats on the go!

I didn't make a post yeasterday for day 5 because I was WAY to busy to even sit down, much less post. It was my mother's birthday today so yesterday my aunt took my mom & the kids and I out for lunch! So when I was packing the diaper bag yesterday. I first was thinking of putting my fitteds in there like I always do... DUH you're still taking the challenge, dumby! So instead of paking about 4 fitteds I was able to pack 8 flats! I could have fit more in there but I thought 8 was enough to last us for the outting.

I also perfected the origami fold with the pinch technique. It allowed for a super trim fit and created some AWESOME gussets around the legs. I've grown to love the origami fold now.

So yesterday I didn't do a single load of diapers and man did that come back to bite me in the you know what. I had to do two loads this morning and the second load took me forever because that was a load that had Nate's poopy diaper in it. I will spare you the details, but let's just say that Nate will NOT be eating anymore popcorn until the challenge is over! YUCK! I had to do two wash cycles and then THREE rinse cycles just to get everything out. It was not fun!

Thursday evening we got some bad storms so that meant drying our flats inside! I usually dry them out in the sun and I have been lucky enough to have had sun through out this whole week! Thursday morning I was able to dry some outside but when I did a second load around 4 or 5 I had to dry them inside due to the storms. So the drying rack was placed on top of our pack and play and it worked perfect!

Today we went to my parents house to swim in their pool and I just used a normal flat with a cover like always. Works perfect as a swim diaper. I think that pretty much wraps up day 5 and 6! I'm having a great time doing this challenge but I can't wait to go back to my washer and dryer! My arms, hands, and even my BUTT are killing me! My bottom hurts just from sitting on the edge of our bath tub while washing diapers. haha

That's all for today my fellow fluffy friends!

For more information and the rules on the flats and handwashing challenge please visit Dirty Diaper Laundry.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 4 Flats and Handwashing Challenge

I wanted to re-cap a little bit from yesterday as I wasn't able to cover some of the other things I had gotten done. I jinxed myself when I said I would be in for it the next day because right after posting that, BOTH of them had some major poopies! It's okay though, my trusty fleece liners helped me out when putting it in the toilet, came right off with no problems. I tried boiling some water lastnight as well so I could get the poopy diapers really really clean. I boiled a few soap nuts as well for my detergent. If you've never used soap nuts here is the site I have bought mine from. Green Virgin Products, they work great and they last forever! Plus, the bag they come in is nice too, I like to use it to hold small things around the house.

I also went ahead a folded my flats differently which allowed me more room on our changing table. I only use our table for storing the diapers, I don't change my kids on it anymore because they are too big for it now. But it makes great shelving! My stash has litterally been cut in half! The fitteds, pockets, daddy diapers and the rest of the covers are in our room, and I haven't touched them since the challenge! Here's a look at just our flats stash. I also folded them like I used to fold my prefolds. I don't know why I didn't think of doing it that way in the first place! I just pad folded them and they are ready to be used in a hurry.

The rest of the receiving blankets are on the second shelf with the normal flats and the wipes, fleece liners, and the rest of the covers are on the top shelf. The covers that are hanging are the ones that are in rotation. I really am LOVING how simple everything looks and I am even giving my best friend some of our Goodmama fitteds this weekend. She is due in June and I am excited that she has decided to cloth diaper. I am just down the street from her if she ever needs any help. I will just use my flats from now on and the rest of our fitteds and pockets after the challenge.

As for this morning, the kids woke up and Camryn had a little bit of leaking going on and I can't figure out if it was due to the cover or not because the back of the flats were still dry so it really shouldn't have leaked. I guess I will try the cover again tonight and see if it leaks then. Nate woke up dry as can be! But man, his diaper sure did smell! I think I will use some boiling water from now on to try and cut out the stinkies. I've heard a lot of poeple saying that the wet pail method is working great for them and it is also helping them with stinky diapers. So I could probably add that into my routine as well. I also feel like I've got the whole washing process down by now. It's only taking me about 20 minutes to get a full load done, that averages about 10 to 12 diapers.

I also found a video on how to fold a flat in the origami fold to make it tighter around the legs and give it gussests. I had a comment yesterday about someone preferring the origami fold the best and for some reason my computer wasn't letting me comment on anything! I can never get a good fit with the origami fold and I always have extra fabric around the legs so it has never been a trim fit for us, or maybe I just really suck at the origami fold. Anyway, thank you to Trisha Wieber (I don't know her blog or I would link it) for the video! I will most certainly practice this today!

Day 4 is going great and I am really enjoying every part of this challenge. I honestly wanted to cry when I did my first wash and I was thinking, "what the he** did I get myself into?!" BUT... I have figured out all the hard parts and now it's actually kind of fun! This will be a life lesson I will always carry with me, or if I ever go camping at least I'll know how to wash my clothes right? ;)

That's all for today my fellow fluffy friends!

To read more about the Flats and Handwashing Challenge visit Dirty Diaper Laundry. Here is where you can find all the rules: FHWC Rules


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3 Flats and handwashing challenge: Trying new things!

So today I figured I would try the diaperbag fold. I must say that it is a trim fit unlike the origami fold, which leaves excess fabric around the legs. I've never heard of it until I took this challenge and I thought I would try it out and give it go! A lot of the CDing moms have been talking about all through out their blogs and it is easier to me than the origami. Although, you can never go wrong with a pad fold! But it's nice to have a good fold for poopy diapers, and it helps to save a cover. The pad fold is really best for pee soaked diapers. So here is a pic of Camryn in a diaper bag fold. I used an old receiving blanket for this, I really should have used a real flat because the snappi was not wanting to grab onto the receiving blanket as nicely as I wanted it to. Please forgive me on the fuzzy pictures, my camera is dead and of course I can't find the batteries!!! Had to use my cell phone.

Here is the video on how to do the diaper bag fold.

Another thing that I tried today was using my daughter's crib to dry their diapers. She co-sleeps with us so the front of her crib has been off and just sitting around in a closet. We pushed her crib up against our bed so she can crawl from her bed to ours no problem! I saw on a blog post yesterday that someone had used it as a drying rack! Why did I not think of this?! Thanks to Christy for the idea from Adventures in Mommyhood! It gave me SO much more drying space. Now maybe all of our diapers won't be all over the house! I will also be able to dry them inside with it if it's rainy out.

Here's a couple of pics of my kiddos this morning in their flats and Econobum covers!

Day 3 has been uneventful... I feel like I might be infor it though tonight or tomorrow as both kids haven't had any bad poopy diapers yesterday or this morning. ;)

That's all for today, fellow fluffy friends! :)

Rules for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge on Dirty Diaper Laundry: Rules for FHWC