Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 1 of the flats challenge!

First I would just like to say how I am so in love with the cloth diapering community. I am so proud that we all are coming together to show support for families that are at a disadvantage. This challenge will really help open the eyes of parents that are having a hard time keeping their babies bottom covered, just to show that anyone can cloth diaper.

I actually kind of started last night with the challenge. I stuffed two Fuzzi Bunz diapers with two flats each for both my son and daughter with the pad fold of course. I'm SO surprised at how well it worked. They did not have one leak!! This morning when the kids woke up I changed them into a flat with an Econobum cover and I filled my camp style washer half way with some cold water to put the dirty diapers in from the whole day of changing. I learned real quick that I'd rather wash poop diapers in the camp washer only! I don't mind hand washing pee soaked diapers in the sink. So I think my plan from here on out will be to wash the pee soaked diapers in the sink as soon as I change them and let the poop diapers soak in the camp washer. The reasoning for washing them seperate was due to the fact that it simply left too many diapers for me to wash at one time. I guess if you only had one child in cloth diapers it would be easier because the bucket wasn't large enough to thoroughly clean all of them which ended up with me using too much water and taking me forever to do. Maybe I'm doing it the wrong way but I feel my new system might work better for me.

SO! Here is a look at my "flats" stash.

  • Two dozen OsoCozy flats
  • One dozen Bambino Mio muslin squares (won them at The Great Cloth Diaper Change)
  • One dozen receiving blankets
  • 10 covers (since I'm diapering two kiddos) that consist of some Econobums, Thirsites Duo covers, one BG pocket used as a cover and one Best Bottom cover.
I also have several fleece liners and wipes pictured. It may seem like over kill having 48 flats, but I use two at one time on both my kids for naps, night time, and outtings. So we really do go through them! I ended up selling about 4 to 5 Goodmama fitteds to purchase my two dozen OsoCozy flats, which ended up getting me about 40 to 50 bucks. I was able to get my two dozen flats and one cover out of it! I'd say that's a great buy!

If you want to join in on the challenge here is all the info you need at Dirty Diaper Laundry.

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