Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3 Flats and handwashing challenge: Trying new things!

So today I figured I would try the diaperbag fold. I must say that it is a trim fit unlike the origami fold, which leaves excess fabric around the legs. I've never heard of it until I took this challenge and I thought I would try it out and give it go! A lot of the CDing moms have been talking about all through out their blogs and it is easier to me than the origami. Although, you can never go wrong with a pad fold! But it's nice to have a good fold for poopy diapers, and it helps to save a cover. The pad fold is really best for pee soaked diapers. So here is a pic of Camryn in a diaper bag fold. I used an old receiving blanket for this, I really should have used a real flat because the snappi was not wanting to grab onto the receiving blanket as nicely as I wanted it to. Please forgive me on the fuzzy pictures, my camera is dead and of course I can't find the batteries!!! Had to use my cell phone.

Here is the video on how to do the diaper bag fold.

Another thing that I tried today was using my daughter's crib to dry their diapers. She co-sleeps with us so the front of her crib has been off and just sitting around in a closet. We pushed her crib up against our bed so she can crawl from her bed to ours no problem! I saw on a blog post yesterday that someone had used it as a drying rack! Why did I not think of this?! Thanks to Christy for the idea from Adventures in Mommyhood! It gave me SO much more drying space. Now maybe all of our diapers won't be all over the house! I will also be able to dry them inside with it if it's rainy out.

Here's a couple of pics of my kiddos this morning in their flats and Econobum covers!

Day 3 has been uneventful... I feel like I might be infor it though tonight or tomorrow as both kids haven't had any bad poopy diapers yesterday or this morning. ;)

That's all for today, fellow fluffy friends! :)

Rules for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge on Dirty Diaper Laundry: Rules for FHWC


  1. That crib rail drying rack is genius!

  2. okay, so I think that the origami fold is so ridiculously trim. maybe it's because I use FSKTs from target, which are quite thin already, so there's really no bulk on the sides at all. I keep seeing this diaper bag fold, and it intrigues me... but I just love the origami fold so much! LOL

  3. love the idea of propping the crib rail between 2 chairs like that, it will fit WAY more flats that way. I have been propping ours up s they can sun better but will try it like that next time :)